What is Wine Tasting Order?

People often ask me, “how did you learn about wine?” My answer always starts, “well I drink it,” getting into the subject in a fun way. I then go on to talk about visiting wineries and tasting, reading about wine, looking at wine videos and even feature movies, and talking about wine with people who enjoy that kind of thing.

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Tom Seaver: A Personal Hero

I’ve never been a real Mets fan. As a lifelong Yankee, this doesn’t usually happen. But I am a huge Tom Seaver fan. When Seaver won the Rookie of the Year award in 1967 he was the first good thing that happened to the Mets. Yankee fans were not impressed when a team loses 547 games in their first five years.

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Notes from a Queens Village Boomer: Career, cars, cameras and more…

Wow! I passed the one-year anniversary of “graduating from full-time work!” As you can imagine, and I’m sure virtually all who reach this turning point do, you start reflecting on events and memories.   What was important? What was fun? What was interesting? It turns out a lot of this is more about “who” than “what.” The people who influence your life and direction are what really jumps out.

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