George Plosker & Associates

George Plosker & Associates
2003-2006, March 2017 to date

George continues to be engaged in the library/publishing/technology world via select projects, consulting, and writing. Leveraging his extensive experience in information industry account development, marketing, and online products, George can help with:

  • Account development strategies and programs
  • Define/refine the value proposition for online products in the language of the customer
  • Provide product positioning training to sales, client services and product development teams
  • Provide original writing for public relations and marketing outreach communications

George Plosker & Associates provides consulting services to information industry, technology companies, and libraries on content strategies, product development, marketing, client/customer service, sales and account development programs. George has helped companies successfully achieve their goals by providing services such as:

  • Led Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis. Led to development of new strategic plan and prioritization of key product and customer service initiatives.
  • Evaluated and provided direction for complete re-engineering of inbound customer service support channels. Assured appropriate support for new product launch.
  • Re-launched updated version of core product better suited to segment needs.
  • Revised and re-wrote marketing messaging to reflect new value proposition.
  • Published technical bulletins and professional articles for the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), Innovative Interfaces, IDC and Information Today, Inc. including a regular column in Online magazine.

Plosker is a recognized industry leader and expert in the areas of library marketing, knowledge management, and collaboration strategies such as the use of peer-reviewed content to provide a positive impact on scholarly advancement, innovation, technical development, and business results.

Specialties: Online searching and training; Web search; taxonomy and controlled vocabularies; library funding, marketing and outreach strategies.