Chief Justice Roberts: Stop Messing with Voting Rights!

After the recent decisions about the Wisconsin Primary I posted this on Facebook. Continued thinking led me to write the open letter below to John Roberts, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Are there any adults in the room?

Dear Chief Justice Roberts,

To say I’m disappointed in your “leadership” would be a severe understatement. You have contributed to the disaster of politics in our country today by completely failing to show any adherence to the principles the United States is built on. You are going along with, even sanctioning, a flailing attempt of the Republican wealthy right and mostly white to hold onto power and act only in their own self-interest. At the same time, you are empowering a would-be despot who is completely incapable of serving as a leader on any level – intellectually, morally, or psychologically.

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Do You Believe In Science?

I’ve always been a science person. I remember reading Popular Mechanics and doing science projects when I was still in elementary school. When my neighbor received a really nice telescope as a Christmas gift, we were out in the freezing New York City weather trying to view the rings of Saturn. This was way before telescopes had GPS and finder devices, so it took considerable effort to find and focus the telescope on our target.

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